Raleigh Bodywork Massage Therapy

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"My whole family has enjoyed the services you provide. The atmosphere is calming and a pleasure to be in. You have always provided excellent massages and the pre and post chats are delightful!" -Leigh"Thanks for your great healing skill. It is wonderful to be able to do long distance running again!!" -Karen

"Donna, you do WONDERFUL work! I would like to meet your partner, but she is only there on Wednesdays. My problem is that you are so good, you are booked forever. Also, I work and getting to yall has to be after 5, or on the weekends, restricting me even more. Seeing you isn't a luxury pampering session. I'm not complaining at all about your magic, only the availability. There should be 10 of yall! :)" -Al

"I have been a client of Donna's for quite some time and am pain free and much healthier for it. Her skills are amazing, but her passion and commitment to her craft are the key to raising her massages above the rest. Donna is a very caring person as well as skilled therapist who takes the time to personalize every session, using various methods to make every massage experience exceptional. I wouldn't go anywhere else!" -D. Warner

"I have seen many massage therapists through the years, some at world-renowned spas, but none have equaled the expertise of Donna Gerstner. She has a sixth sense of being able to immediately seek out the tight and painful spots and works them until they melt away. She's also equipped and willing to use a variety of techniques to achieve the desired result of relaxation and healing. After suffering for years from neck, shoulder, hip and low back pain, I now feel a significant improvement after only 4 sessions. I plan to continue working with Donna and look forward to a pain free future!" -Katherine E.

"I have had several massages in upscale resorts/spas and while they were okay Donna's massage was SO MUCH BETTER and MUCH CHEAPER!! She targets specific areas that need extra work and makes you feel so much better. I highly recommend her!" -S.H.

"Donna is an amazing massage therapist. She is a master at finding trigger points and relieving pain. I am very thankful to be a customer. Be sure to schedule an appointment today! You will be glad you did and want to tell everyone you know about her." -Latan Murphy